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Finding freedom

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From James 2:1-13

Our own corrupted desires would seek

To elevate an earthly king for us to stand,

to take God’s place, or ourselves to enthrone

in that place only He is worthy to command.

Yet even this desire God fulfills in a man,

His only begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ

That under Jesus our heavenly king,

All being subject in humility can bring

our needs and desires to be consummated,

our wills and wants then so consecrated

can breathe in the spirit of true freedom

from man’s tyranny and self’s deception.

Let us then look for a better way to

Honor in equal right both rich and poor,

The one not pander or curry favor,

Those in need not dishonor or ignore,

But seeing the Almighty’s fire burning

In each one’s eyes grant them due dignity

That all my rest securely in the hands

Of a merciful God and grateful mankind.

We evoke the battle for the rights of all men and women not to be subject to the tyranny or prejudice of the powerful in society, that there are rights granted by Almighty God as His Creatures operating within the constraints of His Creation. When we work according to His will and keep covenant with each other according to God’s Law, we may enjoy peace among mankind and enter into eternal sabbath rest with Father, Son and Holy Spirit by His blood shed once and forever.


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