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lulled by the crowd

photo by Edwin Andrade on unsplash

It’s remarkable that in his letters to seven churches in Revelation (Rev 2-3) that Jesus dictated to Apostle John, five of those seven churches had issues: “I have this against you,” Jesus told them. They were dealing with everything from sexual immorality, to following heretical teaching, to otherwise following practices of the crowds in which they lived and were forsaking their devotion to worship God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

What is really fascinating is that the message to them was similar to what God had been telling people in Jerusalem for centuries: repent and reform. Get back to God as your first love! Do not be lulled or seduced or fooled by the people around you, the devil or your own desires. That message has not changed from the moment Adam and Eve left the garden to today with all of us inheriting their proclivity to doubt God’s truth and His goodness that His way is what is only and absolutely best for us.

Where have the crowd convinced you that something other than God’s way is good? Addictions, sexual immorality, following the crowd either by what they approve or what makes them angry…

What are you dealing with, that demands putting love of God as the priority of your life?


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